Getting COVID-19 in 2024

Thu Jan 04

I’m pretty careful about not getting COVID. I wear an N-95 mask when in public, know to monitor COVID wastewater data, etc.

But like many, I’ve slacked off on getting that new vaccine. This wasn’t a huge deal to me at the time — I was planning for a quiet New Years’ and Christmas, and generally don’t go to big social gatherings aside from Meetup or two.

But I ended up getting COVID anyway. Oof. It wasn’t awful, but it would have been a lot worse without Paxlovid (and its associated $125 bill). On top of that, I got it from a very short exposure, so my viral load was low anyway.

But don’t be like me and get the vaccine, stay safe! COVID really is no joke. I’m super grateful for NYC’s test and treat program and their same-day(!) delivery of a Paxlovid treatment.