Why a blog?


Sat Dec 23

There’s a lot I want to do with this blog, and a bunch of reasons why I want to do it. First: it’s probably the coolest way I can think of to be able to encode my learning as something permanent, something that I can point back to and say, “yeah, I did that”.

And, with Astro’s .mdx integration, I’ll be able to integrate entire ${JavaScript framework and/or library of choice} components to support these claims. I’m constantly impressed by Josh W. Comeau’s and Bartosz Ciechanowski’s blogposts and how they’re able to make pieces of information so sticky and easily understandable by way of good, clear prose, thoughtful illustrations, and fun-and-sometimes-unexpected interactions. The best UI experiences make their processes look effortless, and I feel that embarking on this blogging journey will be a great way for me to learn things, á la the Feynmann Technique.

To be less haughty about it, this means that I’ll start questioning my own thoughts in a way that makes me uncomfortable. It will be slower and more difficult than writing slapdash notes on a notepad when I feel like it, but it’s been shown that actually publishing something means that I will treat it with greater care; especially due to the nature of the medium: on my own URL, on technology that I chose, and in my layout. My website is more or less a direct representation of my current technical capability to express as much of my personality. This is both cool and terrifying at the same time, but I do feel like the effort will be more than worth it.

People never stop learning — and this is how I’m going to do the same.