Hi! I'm Matt Chan. I'm a software developer and part-time writer. My current focus is on full-stack web development!

Full stack can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Here's what it means to me: I'm willing to learn from the bottom-up. In the case of the web — where the term "full-stack" is most often used — that means having an understanding of the protocols on which the internet is built on.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Shortcuts, and especially those that somehow reinvent the wheel at the same time, often don't pay off! It took a very special book (along with some tough life lessons) to convince me otherwise.

Now, I get that a site built on a meta-framework, hosted on a CDN isn't especially bottom-up. And you'd be right. If you want bottom up from me, visit mc.maatwo.com using a certain video game associated with port number 25565 😏

This website is a space of constant iteration. Although "move fast and break things" might not be the wisest choice in production, I feel that it's a valid way * The best way. to learn. As such, things may not always be working as intended. Take care to not trip over something while you're in my small corner of the internet :)